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Hey, guess what? You can start showing up for your body in simple ways, right now.

Let us take the guesswork out of where and how to start taking action.
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Discover your unique metabolic body type, and learn exactly how to train and eat to maximize your natural strengths and improve your weaknesses.

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Discover how thousands of everyday moms are quitting the trendy diets and detoxes and finally changing their eating habits for life.

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This brand-new guide reveals the safest way for you to strengthen and flatten your postpartum abs so you can feel confident in your core again.

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You want to feel confident in your own body and strong enough to participate in every family activity…

but you’ve realized that gaining confidence and strength isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be.

At Vigeo, we meet you right where you’re at. We see you - your struggles, your fears, and even your practical challenges as a mom. And we give you the precise tools and guidance you need, for your nutrition, your fitness, and your mindset growth, so that you can steward your body well and become the best version of yourself.

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Gain confidence as an intuitively healthy eater that can finally say goodbye to diet culture for good

Become stronger and more fit through functional training strategies that help you move effortlessly through you day.

Crush the self-comparison game and self-sabotaging thoughts that hold you back from being the strong woman you were created to be.

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Hey friend, I’m Megan Dahlman!

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Hey friend, I’m Megan Dahlman!

And I can help you. I’m a certified strength & conditioning specialist and nutrition coach who’s passionate about helping moms discover what it feels like to actually love their bodies and thrive in them.  

I understand your frustrations.
I know where you’re stuck.
And I know exactly how to help you move forward.

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Take it from a girl who used to be the queen of fad diets: this method WORKS. It’s a process and it takes work, like all good things, but imagine falling more in love with food rather than hating it. Imagine learning to eat well for life, not just 6 months. Imagine continuing to grow into your best self, instead of dropping a bunch of weight and then gaining it all back quickly. That is a horrible emotional roller coaster that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. I’m so glad I’m now leading my family in a better way.

- Erika McNeil

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I’m now a Jumpstart 30, Jumpstart 60, and almost Getstrong 30 graduate!! I’ve lost 17 pounds since starting this journey with you, my body no longer feels broken, I trust that I can move each day, and you’re having me do some moves I would have thought I was too old and broken for, yet I’m capable of them today.  

I am so grateful to you, Megan. You tricked me into a healthy, happy lifestyle with your 4 minute stretch 4 months ago. I fully support you and your business. Please be sure to let me know whenever you launch new programs. Thank you!!!!!!

- Keller Hawthorne

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Seriously, I am so excited about how I feel…I have energy! I haven’t depleted my adrenals, which is always the issue with my autoimmune piece. My husband even made a comment about how I look, and I’m thinking…ha, and I haven’t even pushed myself like I normally do with exercise! My body is happy! Thank you!!! Excited to continue and see how it does as I push it a little more. I think the tiny steps have made such a difference.

- Elizabeth Spalding

The Top-Ranked, Self Care Simplified Podcast

Raise your hand if you could use an encouraging breath of fresh air motivating you every week to keep showing up for yourself. Yeah, me too!

I’m on a mission to change the conversation about fitness and nutrition. In a culture that’s obsessed with “gym-selfies” and the number on the scale, this podcast is a complete game changer! Self Care Simplified is for you, mom - because you want to be equipped and encouraged to take simple steps towards the healthy life you want for yourself and the people you love.

Welcome to Self Care Simplified!

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Over 150


If you find yourself looking for encouragement to make the health choices that are right for you, Megan is your gal! This is the perfect podcast to download to help you stay motivated every week.

Megan always leaves me inspired and energized to learn more about who God wants me to be. Since joining the podcast and program I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things.

I've learned so much from Megan over the past few years. My diet has become much healthier and I feel so much better; with just simple easy changes.

I've fallen in love with Megan's heart for us women, and her heart shines through in this gift of a podcast.

Megan is so knowledgeable and such a good teacher! She presents things in a way that is really easy to understand and implement. I am 53 years old and I'm learning more about health and nutrition now than I ever have. Wish this podcast was around when I was younger.

Our special picks, just for you!

Check it out — We’ve hand-selected some of the best coaching tips and advice to help you start feeling confident in your body right away.

Struggling to get motivated and stay consistent?

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If showing up and taking care of your body everyday is a constant struggle, this is for you.

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Nutrition and eating habits all over the place?

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Do you get overwhelmed just thinking about choosing healthy foods for you and your family?


Are you pregnant or postpartum and need tips?

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If you feel like you’re in confusing territory with your mom-body and don’t know what to do, this is for you.

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Craving more strength and less pain?

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Does your body constantly feel sidelined by pain, weakness and injuries?

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