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If you find yourself looking for encouragement to make the health choices that are right for you, Megan is your gal. This is the perfect podcast to download to help you stay motivated every week.

Megan always leaves me inspired and energized to learn more about who God wants me to be. Since joining the podcast and program I have been stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new things.

I found this podcast right as I began a new wellness journey. The emphasis on mindset, recognizing your worth in Christ, and not focusing on the number on the scale has helped me realign my priorities and keep looking forward! I have already shared this podcast with six of my friends!

I look forward to listening to the podcast each week. Megan has helped me change thought processes regarding my body and nutrition. She shares her knowledge (and heart for Christ) in practical ways. I finish each podcast feeling encouraged and supported!

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Megan Dahlman is a trainer, nutrition coach, and mom, who's on a mission to change the conversation about fitness and nutrition. In a culture that’s obsessed with “gym-selfies” and the number on the scale, this podcast will be a breath of fresh air! Self-Care Simplified is for moms that want to be equipped and encouraged to take simple steps towards the healthy life you want for yourself and the people you love.

Welcome to Self Care Simplified!
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Struggling to get motivated and stay consistent?

Learn how to build lasting consistency & motivation that fuels your healthy habits for the long haul.
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Nutrition and eating habits all over the place?

Gain confidence as an intuitively healthy eater that can finally say goodbye to diet culture for good
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Craving more strength and less pain?

Discover the very best strategies to eliminate your everyday aches and pains and finally feel confident in your physical strength
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Are you pregnant or postpartum and need tips?

Learn exactly how to care for your pregnant or postpartum body through specific nutrition and training tips
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