How Long Does it Take to See Change?

Megan Dahlman
May 29, 2018

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How Long Does it Take to See Change from my fitness and nutrition efforts?

​How long does it take to see change? Admit it. This is what you really want to know.

You'll commit to a program or a system if it makes something change...weight loss, improved fitness, muscle gains, decreased pain, clear skin, a happy gut. But if we could have all of those changes happen in a week, that'd great, thank you very much! (We've got better things to focus on, after all.)

But long does it take to see a difference? What's a realistic expectation?

Straight Answer
I'm going to tell it to you straight based on well over a decade of experience coaching and training women from start to finish. I've seen many transformations and these facts hold true. 

The short answer: change takes at least 3 months with a well-designed program like Strong Mommas
The long answer: it all depends on the effort you put in and your level of consistency. 

Come on, Megan. That's soooo annoying. I'm out. 

Here’s the thing...there are other programs out there that will tout quick changes, dropping 30 pounds in 30 days, insane amounts of progress, and completely changing the way you look in only a month or two.

But I could never in my right mind subject you to a program like that. It involves severe food restriction and/or workouts that shove you to the max from day one. You’ll get hurt, burnt out, and probably damage your metabolism. And you'll also ruin your attitude about food, exercise and your body. 

Is a speedy transformation worth all that?? No thanks. 

More Changes than One
It’s important to notice that change and progress do not always come in the form of weight loss. When we talk about wanting to see change, we usually are craving a change on the scale. Sure, losing body fat is great, but with a good program, so much more is happening!

Make sure you to look for these other proofs of progress:

  • Are you in pain anymore?
  • Are you moving better?
  • Are you standing up straighter with better posture? 
  • Can you do certain exercises with greater ease than before?
  • Have you had thoughts of moving up in weights or trying more challenging workouts?
  • Do healthy food choices come more naturally now? 
  • Are you finding yourself craving "clean" foods, like meat and vegetables?

These are all indicators that you're making progress and things are changing. 

(Most workout and diet programs out there couldn't care less about any of these other victories. They just want to help you lose weight, stat. Be discerning...)

Now back to that 3 month answer... (cause I knew I grabbed you with that one.)

In my experience working with women, it takes a minimum of 3 solid months working consistently with a good workout program and better eating habits to see and feel any changes in your body size and shape. (Should you read that again?)

The key word in that entire sentence was "consistently". You canNOT expect to experience change when you get in two workouts one week, and only one workout the next...nor when you have a great day with your eating habits, and then let everything slide the next. That is why I've created the Strong Mommas Program to be simple and doable so that you're more likely to be consistent with it. Because consistency matters. Big time. 

Something magical happens right around the 3 month mark. I've seen it time and time again. 

Is it Taking Longer?
What if you've been at this for longer than 3 months, but still feel like the changes are hard to come by? Let's have an honest look at a couple things:

1. How consistent are you, really? Most women say they're eating "pretty good" and working out on a regular basis. But to be honest, they're splurging every single day and missing workouts here and there. What will it take to get you to the place where you're on point, day in and day out?

2. Maybe you have been consistent, but you have room to step it up. Have you been working out twice a week for the last 3 months? Then let's bump it up to three times a week. Or maybe you need to start doing some metabolic conditioning work (like my gnarly Metabolic Finishers). Or maybe you need to start lifting heavier weights. There are lots of ways to step it up. 

3. How stressed out are you? Well, this is a big one. If your body is constantly under stress, it will fight tooth and nail against physical change. The moment you pull yourself back into a calm and peaceful state, your body will be primed for change. 

4. What food choices are you letting slide? Be honest. Nightly glass of wine? Too many pieces of chocolate? Grabbing a white mocha several times a week? You can't expect to see significant change when you're splurging more than 3-4 times a week. 

No Shortcuts
Momma, I want to help you see and experience change. I really do. This process can be incredibly hard, I know, but shortcuts rarely work. They're tempting, but they'll trash you. 

Make sure you pause and notice the many ways that you're starting to feel changes. Acknowledge and rejoice over the non-scale victories...they're equally important. 

And then be sure to give yourself grace and patience if you have yet to reach that 3 month consistency mark. Persevere, sister. You've totally got this! 

And hey, have you been tempted for too long with the quick-fix workout and diet programs? There's a better way... 

...There's a way to experience dramatic transformation in your body, find muscles, feel lean and fit, and still find so much joy in the process. You will feel better and have more energy with the Strong Mommas Membership program because it gives you a simple and easy workout and nutrition plan that you will love. It's a Godsend. 

Hey, guess what? You can start showing up for your body in simple ways, right now.
Let us take the guesswork out of where and how to start taking action.
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