All about intuitive eating (and training!)

Megan Dahlman
March 15, 2022

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All about intuitive eating (and training!)

When you "eat healthy", do you simply follow a checklist of rules and hope for the best? Hopefully not!

If you're looking to develop a "healthy lifestyle", and you want it to last forever, then you need to become more intuitive with your eating and exercise habits!

What is "intuitive eating"?


My favorite quote that sums up what it’s like to be an intuitive eater is this: “A person who makes food choices without experiencing guilt or an ethical dilemma, honors hunger, respects fullness, and enjoys the pleasure of eating.”

Intuitive eating is basically the opposite of following a diet.

It includes having a set of healthy guidelines, but then using your own wisdom and discernment to ultimately guide your food choices. ​By gaining the skills of an intuitive, or mindful, eater, you can make healthy choices consistently and for the rest of your life. It becomes a lifestyle, which is what we all want!

How do you let your intuition be your guide with your eating choices?

1. You start with the right education, the right framework, about food. You can’t come into intuitive eating without any understanding of what it means to eat healthy. Have a set of healthy eating habits to fall back on.

2. Then, you turn your brain on and you turn it way up.

  • You start to notice how certain healthy and unhealthy foods make you feel.
  • You’re far more aware of your hunger cues and your fullness cues.
  • You learn how to choose foods with a purpose.
  • You know how to indulge in a splurge well without overindulging.
  • You use a constant filter of questions that you ask yourself during mealtimes.
  • Finally, you are actively capturing your thoughts around food.

​So, intuitive eating is beginning with a strong, healthy framework of eating habits, and then thinking through it all far more than you normally do. Can you see how if you pause, slow down, and ask yourself questions whenever you eat, you'll probably make better choices for our body in the long run?

​Ultimately, this wisdom-based style of eating is exactly how you turn those simple healthy eating guidelines into a lifestyle that you can maintain for the remainder of your life.

So much more on the full episode! Don't miss the entire discussion!

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What is "intuitive training"?


Just like intuitive eating, “Training Intuitively” means that you begin with a set of training guidelines, but then you use your own wisdom and discernment to ultimately guide your workout choices.

I think that often, with our workouts, we can blindly follow a workout program or show up to classes and never stop to think through how it’s working for our bodies. If you bring some intuition, mindfulness, and wisdom into your training, you can ask those critical questions and make better, wiser workout choices.

If you’re NOT intuitively training, you could be:

  • Over-training– asking way too much from your body. Your body might be crying out for rest and recovery, but you’re continuing to pound it into the ground
  • Under-training – Not asking enough from your body. Your body could be crying out for more attention. You could be just automatically following a 1 or 2 day/week routine, but your body isn’t actually improving in any way.  
  • Doing the wrong training – Maybe your training methods are not the right choice for the goals you have in mind for your body.

How do you let your intuition be your guide with your training choices?

1. You start with the right education, the right framework, about your training. Aim for a foundation of strength training, cardiovascular training, dynamic mobility work, and active recovery strategies, all appropriately balanced. To find out what that actually looks like more specifically, list to the podcast episode.

2. Then you turn your brain on and your intuition way up.

  • Start noticing how certain movements and full workouts make you feel.
  • Check in with yourself periodically to see if your workouts are moving you closer toward your goals.
  • Have a plan in place, but then be okay with being flexible within the workout session itself if your body needs something different.
  • Perhaps your intuition is telling you to take a step back for a month. Or to push it hard for a month.
  • Finally, actively capture your thoughts around your workouts:

Just as with intuitive eating, it’s important to begin by following the guidelines, make sure a good routine is in place from the start. And then as you become more knowledgeable and in tune with your body, you can make adjustments on the fly that will ultimately help you feel your absolute best.

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