Mesomorph Meal PLan

Megan Dahlman
March 15, 2022

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​Mesomorph Meal Plan

Mesomorph Meal Plan

​Are you a Mesomorph? This meal plan (including grocery lists!) will make eating for your own body type so much easier.
​No macronutrient or calories counting necessary!

As a mesomorph, your goals are probably to feel more "lean and toned",
​ and to have plenty of energy to perform all of your activities.
With this clear eating plan, you'll feel stronger, leaner, and never deprived.

This 4-week quick-downloadable meal plan removes the guesswork out of eating as an mesomorph.

Click here to download the FREE Mesomorph Meal Plan now! 

All about Mesomorphs!

Mesomorphs are naturally more muscular and compact. Think of soccer players, bodybuilders and sprinters. They pack on muscle easily, have a relatively easy time controlling body fat levels, have a medium to large bone structure and tend to be naturally strong. When they slim down, their muscles can really “pop”.

Healthy mesomorphs are fast and powerful, extremely athletic, and carry a significant amount of lean muscle mass. Mesomorphs are capable of a very high metabolism and low body fat percentage, but they may have to work for it.

Unhealthy mesomorphs can easily become overweight and feel "chubby". They may lose their muscle mass, causing their metabolism to slow down and begin to behave more like an endomorph's metabolism. In fact, they may believe they're actually a genetic endomorph, when in fact they're simply an unhealthy mesomorph. ​

Having healthy eating strategies in place that are simple to follow is the key for mesomorphs to maximize their potential!

mesomorph meal plan

Your meals will emphasize these healthy habits:

1) Eating at regular intervals throughout the day to improve your metabolism.
2) Eating protein with every meal.
3) Eating mostly vegetables and sometimes fruit with every meal.
4) Eating plenty of healthy fats throughout the day.
​5) Eating starchier carbohydrates at one or two meals per day.

This is what's included in your download:

  • Information and instruction page
  • Four unique and beautifully designed 7-day meal planners that you can print out and place on your fridge
  • Four corresponding printable grocery lists
  • Links to the healthy recipes

MORE DETAILS: As you follow this meal plan, you'll be eating four meals per day - breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. The meals are really easy to make and taste delicious!

*Built into the plan are practical strategies that make sense for a "real mom", like options to eat leftovers, bagged salads, smoothies, and repeating meals so you don't have to keep learning new recipes. Each week, you can even enjoy a few splurge meals and still see progress!

(This meal planner is mostly gluten free. Simple substitutions can be made if you have any other known allergies or intolerances.)

Click here to download now!

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