Real Transformations: Halcyon's Story

Megan Dahlman
September 6, 2019

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There’s no denying the fact that some major changes are happening with the women that do the Strong Mommas Coaching Program. Yes, a lot of outward, physical changes, but also, deep internal changes too.

For me, I actually care more about the internal changes. When a mom can say she's less judgmental with herself and habitually gives herself grace day after day, that makes my heart sing! In my opinion, that's a bigger victory than dramatic weight loss. 

A broken and hurting heart can always be hiding underneath a thinner body. 

I want you to meet these women that have experienced so much change, because I bet you'll be able to identify with them in many ways. I want them to inspire you and nudge you toward making positive changes yourself. 

Today, meet Halcyon! Halcyon has been brave and courageous to share her raw and challenging story with you. She's a mother of three beautiful kiddos...her two oldest kids are from her first marriage, which was a very damaging and heartbreaking relationship. She is now happily remarried and recently gave birth to her third baby at 40 years old. Halcyon is a wise, strong, and gracious momma that will, without a doubt, inspire you no matter what circumstances you find yourself in.  

Let's hear more about Halcyon's incredible story! 

Strong Mommas Transformation Story

​Halcyon, what was your life like before Strong Mommas? 

When I joined Strong Mommas I felt I had finally reached a stable point in my life after a 5-6 year extremely emotional roller coaster. I had just undergone a massive life overhaul, which was the result of ending a decade-and-a-half long marriage to a man addicted to pornography.

My body image and self-worth were a confusing mess. My weight had fluctuated the most it ever had in those 5-6 years, and I was the unhealthiest I had ever been.

I had been brutalizing my body with running, working out, and barely eating. I was gaunt and terribly unhealthy and trying desperately get rid of my feelings that my body wasn’t good enough. I was at such a low point. I wish I could have realized that small does not necessarily equal healthy.

Joining Strong Mommas was part of a personal initiative to take back responsibility for my own health and happiness. 


What are the biggest changes you’ve experienced as a direct result from working with Megan and Strong Mommas?

I have a brand new attitude toward splurges and food in general. I don’t talk myself out of working out anymore. And, I did not fear being pregnant at 40 because I felt strong and SUPPORTED by the program! ​


​You participated in the coaching program before, during, and after your most recent pregnancy. What was this pregnancy like compared to your others? 

I was much younger with my first two pregnancies...I was in my 20’s. And back before I had my first son, I was lifting weights 5 days a week, spinning twice a week, running regularly. I had just finished a triathlon and played indoor soccer once a week. I was really fit and I had very few distractions preventing me from good fitness and nutrition during my pregnancy.

But during my second pregnancy with my daughter, I was home full-time and chasing a toddler. I didn't workout and my nutrition was in survival mode.  I often found myself eating the rest of the Mac n' Cheese that my toddler didn’t finish.

On top of it, my husband at the time barely gave me the time of day. I desperately wanted his attention, so after having my daughter, I hit the gym as soon as the doctor gave me the go-ahead.

Those first two pregnancies were fairly easy, but with both I was trying to hold on to control with every fiber of my being.

Fast forward 11 years...I approached this pregnancy with so much more peace. I’m sure this was a combination of experience, a loving and committed partner, and maturity. But it was also a wonderfully surprising knowledge of what my 40 year-old body was capable of. Every workout I completed during this last pregnancy was so encouraging to me, especially since I knew they were significantly more challenging than any workout I did during my first pregnancy. I was impressed with what my body was able to do!

The support from Megan and the Strong Mommas community helped me see that not only was it possible to keep lifting and sweating during my pregnancy, but it was just hands-down good!

In what ways have your changes impacted your family? 

Exercising is no longer a secret thing that I do when no one is looking, which was a habit I formed when married to my first husband. My kids see me workout now, and everyone participates. It's a family affair!


​How has this process impacted your heart and your mindset about your body?

It has been so empowering and freeing. I've learned so much about my body since joining Strong Mommas, and I feel like I’m now working with my body rather than fighting against it. I do the work...I get the results that I get. There's no guessing or hesitations. 

Is there anything you can do now that you couldn’t do before? 

I'm able to resist doughnuts in the break room at work...Haha! And I can almost do real, full push-ups. I'm so close! Surprisingly, burpees don’t scare me anymore, and neither does schlepping flats of large water bottles from the store. I can feel that I'm so strong!

Is there anything that is still challenging or still a struggle for you?

Sure, there are lots of things that are still challenging. But at the same time, everything is easier somehow, mostly because of my mindset. I have not yet met a circumstance where I haven't had the ability to make a good choice.

There are still exercises that require a lot of focus for me. My shoulders still feel weak, but they’re certainly stronger than they used to be. My balance isn’t always what I’d like it to be, but it has improved significantly since starting Strong Mommas.

There are many exercises and yoga poses that I'm fully aware that I don't know how to do, but I see it as a chance to set goals. For example, my goal is to be able to do all of my push-ups on the floor, as prescribed in the workouts, by my baby’s first birthday. Boom!

If you could say anything to other women that are hesitant of fully committing to exercise and nutrition, what would you say?

Why are you waiting? Whatever your reason or excuse may be, Megan probably has some wise or knowledgeable thing to say about it that will undermine your excuse. That sounds a bit harsh, I know, but isn’t that why we need coaches? For the pushing and the truth-telling?

Committing to this, to taking care of your body with good exercise and nutrition, will only bless you. 

And in turn, it will bless those who rely on you...your family, co-workers, friends, church family, and more!

-Halcyon McCollum
(strong mom of 3!)


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