Real Transformations: Jennifer's Story

Megan Dahlman
July 17, 2018

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There’s no denying the fact that some major changes are happening with the women that do the Strong Mommas Coaching Program. Yes, a lot of outward, physical changes, clearly (as you'll see below)! But also, deep internal changes too.

For me, I actually care more about the internal changes. When a mom can say she's less judgmental with herself and habitually gives herself grace day after day, that makes my heart sing! In my opinion, that's a bigger victory than dramatic weight loss.

A broken and hurting heart can always be hiding underneath a thinner body. 

I want you to meet these women that have experienced so much change, because I bet you'll be able to identify with them in many ways. I want them to inspire you and nudge you toward making positive changes yourself. 

Not long ago, you heard all about Ally and her journey with Strong Mommas as a mother or 3 (soon to be 4!) You can read all about her incredible life changes here

Today, meet Jennifer! Jen is a wife and mom to two adorable girls. She is an incredibly hard worker, and it shows. Let's hear more about her story! 

Transformation Story

Jen, what was your life like before Strong Mommas?

Before I started Strong Mommas, I had the best of intentions.  

I knew I needed to make some life changes to get healthy, but I couldn’t see where the changes needed to be made.  

I’d been trying on my own for about a year to lose weight, but I’d gotten stuck and I was frustrated. I needed someone to come alongside me and teach me the best way to eat. I needed someone to just tell me that even if whole wheat is “healthy", I shouldn’t be eating a bagel if I wanted to lose weight! Or that I’m better off with a salad for lunch than a PB & J.  

I was walking to try and lose weight, without realizing that strength training would give me better results in less time. To put it simply… I didn’t know the best way to get started, even though I knew it was time to make changes. Megan helped me find the best way for me.

What are the biggest changes you've experienced as a direct result from working with Megan and Strong Mommas? 

For starters, I've lost almost 30 pounds!  I went from a size 12/14 down to a size 6. I used to say I didn’t mind the way my clothes fit, but deep down I always wanted to get back down to the size I was when I was first married. I just didn’t think it was possible, but it was!  

Another huge change has been my nutrition. Gone are the breakfasts of Cheerios, bagels, and muffins. Now it’s usually eggs with veggies and some fruit. And goodbye to the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch! Now I have a chopped salad almost every day.  In fact, other staff members at work tease me for my constant salad eating! 


Jen's Family, Before the Strong Mommas Coaching Program

In what ways have your changes impacted your family?

There have been so many changes in our family!  My family generally just eats what I eat now, so everyone’s nutrition has improved. We're all so much healthier. 

Also, my husband does the workouts with me. It’s fun to have someone to moan and groan with as I sweat...ha!  Both my girls, ages 4 and 5, constantly see me working out and often try to do push-ups and other exercises as well. Once, my daughter even set up her Cinderella Barbie doll with fake Barbie dumbbells doing renegade rows! 

(Side note: so many Strong Mommas have mentioned that their husbands do the workouts with them, and are seeing more phenomenal results than even P90X!) 

In what ways has this whole process impacted your heart and your mindset about your body?

I’m far more comfortable in my skin and less judgmental towards myself. This is huge. I’m quicker to give grace when I need it...I certainly beat myself up less about the way clothes fit or the nutrition choices I might make. 


Jen and her husband Casey, Strong and Healthy!

Is there anything you can do now that you couldn't do before?

Push-ups!  On my toes!!  I busted out 10 full push-ups the other day without a break or even blinking an eye!  I felt amazingly strong and proud of myself.

Is there anything that is still challenging or still a struggle for you? 

Consistent workouts during times of stress are still a huge challenge for me.  I'm a full time teacher, and I let conferences and the end-of-the-school-year-chaos get the best of me. Those last 2 months were pretty awful for consistent workouts. 

But, I also know that a couple months of inconsistent workouts doesn’t make me a failure. There’s no need to throw in the towel and give up.  It’s just something for me to improve on. I have to keep telling myself that I feel so much better when I workout at least twice a week, so I'm working hard to make that happen. 

Megan is great at reminding me that we all need grace, in all areas, especially with our workouts and nutrition. We should never expect that we'll ever do this perfectly. 


Jen, Before the Strong Mommas Coaching Program

If you could say anything to other women that are hesitant of commitment to exercise and nutrition, what would you say?

Your health is ALWAYS worth it!  As moms, we always put others before ourselves, but we need to be healthy and strong in order to do everything we do for our families.   

If you are wanting to see body changes, but are scared of failing, don’t be. Megan has a saying “trust the process”, and that's definitely true. But you do have to be committed to the process.  

I didn’t see results overnight. It took some time. But slowly, one month at a time, I noticed my clothes were all over-sized, I was losing weight and I felt stronger! Fast forward 6 more months and I had lost all the weight I wanted to lose, I was stronger than I’d been since high school, and I just felt so much better!

Trust the process. Stay committed to the process. And the results will come. 

-Jennifer Silbernagel
(strong mom of 2)

Jen's Transformation

Jen now, a strong inspiration for her young girls!

now, it's your turn.

You need to experience this same program that transformed Jen's life, and the life of her whole family! 
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