The World Wants to Put You on a Scale

Megan Dahlman
February 12, 2020

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How much do you weigh?

​Are you ready for some heart to heart talk today? Listen up, sister...

Every time I step onto social media, I walk away with something sitting heavy on my heart. Waaaaay too many women are obsessed with the scale. I can see it everywhere. Whenever I scroll through my feeds, I see at least two posts about weight loss or wanting weight loss. 

If you pay attention, you'll see it, too. 

Judgement Seat

The scale has become a judgement seat: stand on it and it will tell you if you're worthy today or not. It will tell you if you're successful or not. It will tell you if you failed again. It will tell you that when it comes to your body, it's the only thing that matters.

The world and culture around us wants us to think that transformation on the scale is the only transformation that matters.

"Hey honey, nice job with your workouts and eating choices....so glad you're feeling great....but look at your number today. You've got work to do. You're still not good enough, yet."

Is This You?

I was chatting with some ladies recently and discovered that they step on the scale every single day, usually multiple times a day. I don't think this is unusual. I would bet that at least half of my readers are doing this, too. 

But I told them, point blank: until you ditch the scale, you will never make a breakthrough with your body. You cannot train like an athlete, move like an athlete, perform at the top of your game, and feel downright amazing, if you care about the scale more than anything else. 

And not only will the scale block you from having a physical breakthrough, but a spiritual breakthrough, as well.

You will NEVER feel free, content and at peace in the body God designed for you if you're chained to your scale. NEVER. I have never come across a strong woman that is wonderfully at peace with her body image and identity, yet steps on the scale everyday. 

There comes a point where you have to let it go. Break free. Surrender it over. 

Better Than a Number

​Let me show you what true, real transformation looks like:

  • Being able to enjoy food, not viewing food as your enemy. 
  • Feeling amazing in your own body...strong and powerful!
  • Developing perseverance, discipline, and faithfulness to your plan.
  • Understanding what the phrase "easy is earned" means for yourself and your journey.
  • Bringing your body to a place where you never question it...it does whatever you ask it to do. 
  • Rejoicing over performance achievements ("Hey, I just did 10 real push-ups!!").
  • Seeing your heart transform into one that feels peace and contentment in who God made you to be.
  • Finding JOY in movement and nourishing food. It's no longer a chore.
  • Taking the body God gave you and running with it, finding out how much it can do and how marvelous it is!

But no. The world says none of that matters if you don't also have the numbers to back it up. Unless you can say "I've lost 45 pounds!" and have some really great before and after photos, who cares about any of this other stuff? 

Wait a minute...

"But Megan, I'm overweight. There's no denying it. I don't feel comfortable, my body is nowhere near its potential...I actually do need to lose some weight." 

You can get your body to its potential without worshiping weight loss and constantly monitoring the scale. 

When you focus on changing your attitude about food, work on finding joy in the process, learning discipline and perseverance, guess what happens over time? Your weight will drop significantly down to a really healthy level, you will be strong, you'll know how to eat well, and you won't lose your soul in the process. 

Is your goal to just lose weight?? Is that all you want? Do you feel like then, and only then, you'll be worth something?! Oh sister, there's so much more to your body than that. 

And you should be able to feel strong, powerful and healthy without the scale ever confirming it. 

More than just fat

Also, have you ever stopped to recognize that the bathroom scale is weighing everything... not just the weight of your fat? I'm sure you know that it's also measuring your muscle mass, but have you ever considered that it's also weighing your bones, organs, blood, water, and more? All of these things are actually quite heavy! 

Let me give you a good example: As you get in better shape and become more fit, your body will start to store more glycogen in your muscles for immediate energy use. Think of these as quick-access energy packets that help make your workouts feel strong, powerful and amazing.

These glycogen stores are quite heavy... sometimes weighing as much as 6-8 pounds!! And the more fit you are, the more glycogen stores you have. 

Make sure to listen to this episode the Strong Mommas Podcast:  Should You Be Weighing Yourself? The Good & the Bad of the Bathroom Scale. We're breaking down exactly what the scale is weighing, plus exploring other methods of assessment. 

​Growing Up

If there's nothing else that I'm ever able to teach you, let it at least be this: you are far more valuable than what a scale will ever tell you. It's time to move on. It's time to grow up. 

What's your transformation story, sister? Are you hoping for merely a weight loss story? Or do you want more than that? I hope you want more than that....much more than that. 

"Search me, O God, and know my heart;
    test me and know my anxious thoughts.
Point out anything in me that offends you,

    and lead me along the path of everlasting life."

Psalm 139:23-24

The World Wants to Put You on a Scale

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